We totally nailed it with the brand identity design we got from LogoVerve. Their designers spent all those long hours on our brand identity design and development to make us who we are today – one of the leading construction groups in Australia. All in all, their designs sell and prove to be a valuable asset for your business in helping you achieve results.

Daniel George

Good things come in small packages like the logo design that I got which made millions for my business globally along with a website that has easy navigation features. I believe that spending on quality designs always pays off if you invest wisely. Never imagined my business would make it big so soon. Thanks to their design team who really made it possible.

Mike Blanchard
Just Say Cheese

I needed several design solutions to promote my new brand so I started looking for a reliable and efficient company that could do the job without having to go here and there. My neighbor recommended LogoVerve to me and I saw some great packages on their website, so that was the time when I decided that if I was going to get my logo and website design packages online, then they had to be from LogoVerve.

Jeffery Redgrave
iEvolution Pty Ltd

LogoVerve offered us a logo design and web development solution with friendly and professional customer service in a language that we understood. Their team had the accurate information about our company and the industry trends on their fingertips. They biggest impact that their web design solution has had was on our financial growth in terms of revenues and the overall profitability.

Aaron Esposito
DuckWorks Engineering

I am pleased with their work as I now not only have a great business logo but I have learned a few things about how to shop for design solutions online. In the future, I expect to make my business global with a mobile app for my business. I have heard some great things about their app development solutions. Their functional designs set them apart from the rest.

Giancarlo Wallach

My logo alone now attracts hundreds of thousands of clients every day. My newly designed website has generated huge revenues and led to so much more. I am no longer fighting for scraps and have secured a major market share that has had a fulfilling impact on my business and clients. Getting the right designs for your brand is the most important part of making sales as it takes your message across to the customers.

Rachel Tylor
George's Hill

Cost, quality and speed everything comes together when you get your job done b y LogoVerve. They managed to reduce the overall package cost to one third that gave me notable savings of forty to fifty percent. Their website packages are the best available online.

Vanessa Goodall

LogoVerve saved me from wasting my money on the constant trial and error method that I had been following for the longest time. Got my logo in less than 24 hours and it was a relief to see a mind blowing logo that became an instant hit with the clients walking into my grocery store and always asking me about the logo at the check-out.

Todd Myers
Health & Food BOUTIQUE

I couldn’t thank LogoVerve for what it has done for my company with it’s huge discounts on all its offers. I think they are doing a great job by offering such great rates without compromising the quality of their work. They are passionate about serving people who are out there willing to keep pace with the latest to make the most of their offers.

Sarah Nicholson

I believe an effective logo design can really make or break sales. LogoVerve also designed an online store that turns thousands of browsers into buyers and convinces clients to send more prospects my way. They did the whole design and development right to deliver a well run online store within the given time frame.

Richard Loaf

We chose LogoVerve in preference to others because of the quality of logo design service they provide and the fresh approach they bring to each of their design solutions and the full range of specialist design service they provide that puts them ahead of their competitors. They are practical and helped us buy the offers we wanted without forcing us into buying things we didn’t need.

Scott Dunst

I was generally very happy with this service - and indeed your attention to the brief. The end result is a well finished product that I will get great value out of in the future - so thank you.

Lachlan Blyth
L3 Photography

Their creativity, quick response time and reasonable prices with unmatchable commitment to customer service got everything done under the tightest deadlines. I enjoyed giving my input on the logo design and it was an absolute pleasure doing business with them. I highly recommend LogoVerve for their logo design services especially their rush delivery service.

Richmond Carter

The ever increasing number of browsers turned buyers has doubled the turnover in just a few weeks. They did a great job with the logo redesign and now I am happier than ever for being able focus on other important things because I know I have a website that is compatible with all the major platforms. Their developers keep evolving with time to deliver reasonable solutions of the highest quality.

Frank Willis

Their designers have the freshest ideas with a forward thinking approach. They supported us in customizing our logo design and I found them efficient. They add value to their solutions in a very practical way. They are creative with the solutions they develop to meet the challenges their clients have and that to me is very important. We have always found them reliable and straight forward, and have gotten 100% support in some of our bad times and good times.

Hall Hayman
Rental Concierge

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